Patriarch is a novel retelling the remarkable story of Abraham. For five years I lived and breathed his journey. Come and walk his road of faith with ...View Details

Having set the scene, it’s now time to introduce the other main male characters, and what fascinating lead players they are.   Terah and Abram we've m...View Details

And now it’s the turn of the women to enter the story, most significantly Sarai.   I love the characters of Genesis and particularly the women. Despit...View Details

But for me the really interesting journey is the spiritual one. The one upon which Abram was embarked. The complexity of selling up, moving on and set...View Details

Revelation from God is pretty amazing, even when it is less dramatic than Abram’s! The only problem comes when you need to explain what God has reveal...View Details

I wanted to rewrite this episode for the second edition. I don’t like it! But at the end of the day, I couldn’t, because bluntly it is intrinsic to th...View Details

Abraham had made it to the land where he would ultimately settle but that time was not yet! My personal pilgrimage story is that I so often seem to ha...View Details

My personal pilgrimage story is that I so often seem to have to go round and round in circles until finally I’m ready for what God has for me. It’s so...View Details

I love nature. Always have. As a kid I had an aviary and bred canaries. These days I live in my Father’s aviary. The Scottish croft from where I recor...View Details

The reason I wrote Patriarch was because it is a story of God revealing Himself to ordinary people just like you and me. It is hard sometimes to appre...View Details

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